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Daily Insight Group's network of properties has appeared in a number of media outlets. Browse our press coverage below:

Tarot.com and Zappallas, Inc. Forge World's Largest Divination Company

Tarot.com, a leading pioneer in online horoscopes and divination since 1995, today announced its acquisition by Japan's Zappallas Inc., a world leader in digital content focused on divination.

• Japan's leader in digital divination acquires premiere U.S. astrology and tarot network
     PRWeb on 02/06/13

•   11/11/11 Weddings: Numerologist Says Its Not A Lucky Day
    The Huffington Post and AOLon 11/10/2011

•   Dr. Ross Valone, Iowa Obstetrician, To Pay Mothers For 11/11/11 Babies
    The Huffington Post on 11/11/2011

•   11-11-11: Veterans Day is alluring -- right across the board
    The Oregonian on 11/11/2011

•   Happy 11/11/11: It's a 'ones' of a kind day
    The Oakland Tribune and San Jose Mercury News on 11/11/2011

•   Ones upon a time: Does it mean our number's up?
    The Minneapolis StarTribune on 11/9/2011

•   11/11/11: For many, it's a special, glorious, one-derful day
    The Miami Herald on 11/11/2011

•   Want Your Baby Born on 11/11/11? Here's How to Jump-Start Labor
    iVillage on 11/10/2011

•   11/11/11 Sets Off Wedding Craze, But Will the Date Bring Luck to Newlyweds?
    New England Post on 11/11/2011


No, your zodiac sign has not changed

In January 2011, an astronomer went to the press and made a false accusation that zodiac signs had changed and that there were not 12 -- but actually 13 -- zodiac signs. The story went viral, but Daily Insight Group's master astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer were quick to squash the story by providing a rebuttal from the astrological community.

•   Zodiac Switcheroo
    TIME Magazine on 1/31/2011

•   No, your zodiac sign has not changed
    CNN on 1/13/2011

•   Truth on 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, lost in translation
    Seattle Post Intelligence on 1/13/2011

•   Wondering what to make of new zodiac sign dates?
    International Business Times on 1/14/2011

•   Don't Panic! Your Zodiac Sign Is The Same
    Perez Hilton on 1/14/2011


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