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Advertising on Daily Insight Group

With over 30 million page views per month, it's no wonder we have found opportunities for advertisers and sponsors to share their products and services with our users. We search to find quality advertisers to help support our content services and bring added value to our user's experiences.

Why advertise on Daily Insight Group (DIG)?

Simple. There are three reasons to advertise on the DIG network:

  • Results: Our average click-thru rates (CTRs) are highly competitive and our deliverability is reliable.
  • Reach: We get in front of the most sought-after consumer demographics in the digital media space.
  • Range: We ffer a complete range of run of site placements, beyond the banner, advertorials, text placements, direct mailings, mobile and full-site takeovers.

Who advertises on DIG?

Products and brands from all verticals have advertised with great results across the Daily Insight Group network of properties. Some of the successful categories include:

  • Health, Beauty and Wellness
  • Entertainment and Television
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Clothing and Jewelry
  • Gifts and Collectibles
  • Career and Finance
  • Gaming and Social Entertainment
  • Counseling and Seminar Training
  • Socially Responsible Products and/or Services

Our audience

As the name suggests, all the properties in the Daily Insight Group are "daily destinations". Our users have made visiting our site part of their daily routine. Often they are looking for advice, insight or to be entertained ... you or your client's product or service might be the fix they are looking for! Imagine having your brand or offer appear beside content that promotes empowerment and taking control. It's our positive and reinforcing content that helps our users feel more confident about moving forward through their day ... and taking advantage of offers or brands they feel can help them.



Meet our sales team

Our professional sales team will make sure your campaign is designed, priced and delivered to meet your objectives. We have experience with all forms of brand and direct response advertising and we will be your partner in helping you hit your targets. If you'd like more information about advertising on DIG, please contact us at advertising@dailyinsightgroup.com or call 503-802-7940.

Graham Ketner, National Account Executive

Carrie Lacina, Advertising Partnership Manager