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NEW Job Opening: Creative Director/Lead UX
DIG seeks a full-time Creative Director and Senior UX Designer lead to join our team of creatives located in Portland, Oregon. Apply Now!
2012-10-30 | Daily Insight Group
Job Opening: Advertising Account Executive
DIG seeks a Advertising Account Executive to drive and grow new business revenue with advertisers. Apply Now!
2012-10-28 | Daily Insight Group
NEW Job Opening: Web/Mobile UI Designer
DIG seeks a full-time, super talented User Interface Designer to join our team of creatives located in Portland, Oregon. Apply Now!
2012-01-05 | Daily Insight Group
Hans Decoz Talks to the Press about 11/11/11
11/11/11 was an auspicious day ... or was it? Our numerologist went to the press to break down the numbers. Read Press Coverage!
2011-11-11 | Daily Insight Group
DailyHoroscope.com Releases Its First Ever Facebook App
The Horoscopes, Bithdays & More Facebook app allows users to get horoscopes posted to their wall and check compatibility at-a-glance.
2011-06-16 | DailyHoroscope.com
Twittascope Launches Mobile Site for Growing Mobile User Base
Twittascope, the #1 Twitter horoscope app with more than 100,000 subscribers, has expanded its reach by launching a mobile site.
2011-05-11 | Twittascope.com
Numerology.com Unveils An All-New Redesigned Site
Numerology.com get a site makeover with new content, Numerology tools and mission: "Decoding the Patterns of the Universe."
2011-04-22 | Numerology.com
Daily Horoscope Tablet App Debuts in the Android Market
DailyHoroscope.com's interactive and easy-to-use horsocope app for Android tablets is now available in the Android Market.
2011-04-12 | DailyHoroscope.com
Interactive and Animated Tarot iPad App Hits the iTunes Store
Tarot.com launches the Yes/No Tarot app for the iPad, based on the wildly popular Yes or No Tarot reading on the Tarot.com site.
2011-04-07 | Tarot.com
DailyHoroscope.com Launches New Mobile Site
With an exanding mobile user base, DailyHoroscope.com launched its mobile site that includes a chop full of fresh content and videos.
2011-03-15 | DailyHoroscope.com
Horoscope Deluxe iPhone App Now Available
Tarot.com's latest iPhone app, Horoscope Deluxe, incorporates horoscopes and AstroSync™, Tarot.com's exclusive compatibility tool.
2011-03-14 | Tarot.com
Daily Insight Bundle App for the iPad/iPhone Launches
Tarot.com's new app app incorporates the Daily Number, Hexagram, Tarot card and Feng Shui Tip of the Day, personalized for users.
2011-03-14 | Tarot.com
Barnes and Noble and DIG Renew Book Deal thru 2014
Barnes and Noble's popular Annual Astrology Guide written by Rick and Jeff will continue to be published through 2014.
2010-05-28 | DailyHoroscope.com
DIG's Chrome Horoscope Gadget Easily Secures #1 Spot
DIG builds and deploys the most comprehensive and popular Horoscope Chrome Extension available for download.
2010-05-28 | DailyHoroscope.com
Daily Insight Group and AT&T/KEEN Partner for Psychic Offering
AT&T'S live advisory service --KEEN, partners with Tarot.com to offer private label live readings.
2010-05-28 | DailyHoroscope.com
Tarot.com Release FREE Horoscope Android App
Tarot.com's popular iphone horoscope gadget is now available to Android users.
2010-05-28 | Tarot.com
Tarot.com Facebook hit 30,000 'likes'
Tarot.com users are finding companionship and community on Facebook as they interact with posts and astrological event postings.
2010-04-28 | Tarot.com
Tarot.com Awarded Online Publisher of 8-Bit Tarot Deck
Tarot.com secures online exclusive rights to publish the quirky and fun 8-Bit Tarot Deck by Illustrator Indigo Kelley.
2010-03-28 | Tarot.com